Jax Beach

Jax Beach is a hidden gem on the Florida coast. It’s located on an island just over a bridge from the mainland. It’s an old school beach town with loads of charm and is geared towards the locals. There is a small, very cute downtown area loaded with restaurants and local shops.

The entire beaches area, which consists of Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach and Jax Beach is bike accessible. We ride our beach cruisers everywhere and enjoy how close everything is in the community. Atlantic Beach and Jax Beach have events every 1-2 months that have both adult and kid activities, which makes it the perfect place for young people and for young families.

All three of the beaches consist of miles of white sand in a wide strip, which is perfect for walking. Outside of the beaches, Hannah Park and Guana Preserve are beautiful parks that offer nature walks, day hikes and bike trails. It’s a great place to live! It gives its residents the feeling of being on vacation with everything you expect to have in a regular city close at hand.