Southern France

The Village of Eze

During our visit to the French Riviera, we stayed in a picturesque village called Eze. Conveniently located between Monte Carlo and Nice, it’s a great home base for a peaceful trip. When Nick and I go on vacation, we like to be away from big cities and spend our time in nature. This was the ideal location for that as it was the most beautiful place we’d ever seen.

Bed & Breakfast

We stayed in a wonderful bed and breakfast called Domaine Pins-Paul.  It’s a stunning stone home, tucked into the cliff-side that overlooks the old castle of Eze. The home has historic charm but all of the modern amenities. We do highly recommend this as a place to stay, but be sure that you request a room with AC if you get hot at night.

The breakfast is delicious, especially the pastries. There is also an infinity pool that is cut into a cliff and that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, lounging in the sun and reading.

Places to Eat

There isn’t much to eat in the Village of Eze, but the Village de la Turbie is a quick 5 minute drive away. The village is situated on a large cliff, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It’s home to quite a few delicious restaurants and the coolest soccer field I’ve ever seen. We both WISHED we could have played there just one time.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is everything that you’d expect and more. How to best describe it? The palace and the casinos were lavish and full of wealth. Everything looked as though it had been scrubbed clean. The gardens and landscaping were spectacular everywhere we went.

We made the mistake of going on a Sunday, not realizing that everything would be closed. We want to pass this information on because we want to make sure you don’t make the same mistake.


Nice was very pretty, but to us, it was just another big city. However, we spent a great day there shopping and eating lunch by the ocean. The perk of this big city is definitely the shopping. Europe has a tendency to be a little more fashion forward than the United States. So, you can get some great clothing there that’s unique.

Final Thoughts

Because we tacked this trip onto the end of my master’s program trip, we didn’t have as much time as we’d have liked. It was truly the most beautiful place we’d ever been in our entire lives and we’d definitely go back. The cliffs and the Mediterranean Sea are absolutely breathtaking! Though if you’re planning to spend anytime on the beach, please bring water shoes because you’ll be walking across large rocks to get to the sea.

We hope you enjoyed the photos and reading about our trip! Please reach out with any questions if you are planning a trip to the region.


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