Beach House Renovation Story

Living at the beach was a big dream of ours and last year we decided to make it a reality. We bought an ugly house in a great neighborhood and fixed it up. The full renovation took about 12 weeks. The reason it took a little longer is because we totally burned out for a couple of weeks and took a break. We had a little bit of help from friends, family and professionals, but did most of the renovations ourselves to save on cost. When you’re working that hard for a long time, it helps to just take a break once the house is comfortable enough to be livable. That is exactly what we did.

Interior Renovation Components

Below is a list of everything we did to transform our ugly house into our dream home.

  • Tear down 9 walls to create an open concept living area
    • Repair drywall from wall removal
  • Replace floors
  • Replace baseboards
  • Replace all interior and exterior doors
  • Build a closet for storage
  • Replace all fans & install canned lighting
  • Install a dining room chandelier
  • Re-texture ceilings in bedrooms (rest of house still pending)
  • Paint the interior walls & baseboards
  • White-wash the fireplace
  • Remodel the kitchen

In the following galleries, you will see all of these components come to life. We hope that you enjoy!

Beach House Renovation Gallery

Our Beach House Before

Renovation: Week 1

Renovation: Weeks 2-3

Renovations: Week 4-6

Our Beach House After

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