Travelling is an incredible way to experience everything the world has to offer. It’s exciting to get out of your comfort zone and to try new things. We love to try new cuisine from other countries and really immerse ourselves in the culture. The key is to let yourself blend into the scenery and become a part of that small corner of the world.


Our vacations often revolve around awesome dive locations. We are certified scuba divers and seek any opportunity we can to jump into the ocean and get 60 feet underwater. Sometimes, we make it down to 90 feet and others it’s only down to 30 feet, though the depth doesn’t matter much to us. There’s something very magical and peaceful about diving. We loved exploring the kelp forest in Monterey Bay, CA and the barrier reef in Belize. There are even some incredible fresh water dives here in Florida.

Life is an Adventure

We firmly believe that this is true and we plan to enjoy every minute of it. Anywhere we go, we’ll be sure to show you everything we see and describe everything we experience. That way, when you’re planning your next trip, you can feel confident in knowing that it will be great.