Backyard Gardening

Fruit & Vegetable Garden

Florida is an amazing place to start a grow operation, for fruits and veggies that is. The sun, mild temperature, rain and additional drainage provided by the sandy soil makes year-round gardening a real possibility. Though Jacksonville does have inland freezes occasionally in the winter, that is extremely rare along the coastline.

Our current operation has 6 raised garden beds and more potted plants than I care to count. The benefit of the tropical climate allows us to have unusual fruit trees that we have been nurturing from seedlings (bananas and mango to name two). Our soil and plants are all 100% organic and most of them have produced a decent crop for us this year. It took a lot of research, trial and error and hard work to get our plants to where they are today.

We¬†will share tips and tricks with regards to starting plants from seed, which can be finicky and challenging. But it is totally worth it and will save you a lot of money in start up costs, if you do it right. We also have some favorite places to buy soil and methods to make your own soil, if you’re so inclined.

But the first and most important lesson of gardening is this: You win some, you lose some. If you have a crop that fails, don’t take it too personally. It is not a reflection of your desire to murder poor, unassuming plants. It’s just about finding that winning combination of sun, water, soil and fertilizer. There are some methods that we’ve used that have cut way back on our plant graveyard. We will be sure to share them!