About Us

My name is Stephanie and my husband’s name is Nick and we are California transplants. We are now living in beautiful Jacksonville Beach, Florida. A lot has happened since we made the decision to leave our friends and family in California nearly 2 years ago. We’ve moved twice, renovated a beach home, gotten married, acquired 4 chickens and built a functioning garden that feeds us in fresh fruit and vegetables year-round. Our families like to say that grass never grows under our feet and they’re not wrong.

Our Family & Hometown

Our family consists of two dogs, two cats, four chickens and each other. We live on a quarter acre lot just steps away from the inter-coastal marsh and a mile from the beach. We have fully embraced the beach lifestyle, cruising on our bikes down to happy hour at the beaches and swimming in the surf. Whenever we aren’t at work, we feel like we’re on vacation.

Our Passion

We are most passionate about family, travel, animals and home/garden renovation. If we don’t have project or a trip planned, then we are itching to get one started. We’ve renovated two homes, traveled all over the country and to many parts of the world.

We’ve decided to start this blog to share our adventures and to help anyone who has an itch to try something new. Whether that’s traveling to a foreign country, DIY renovation or starting your own garden. We’re happy to share what we’ve learned during our home renovation, travel and gardening exploits. We hope you enjoy what you read and let us know what you want to hear about!