Pop-Up Camper Remodel

Leaving our beach house and moving into a rental property was not easy. We began asking all kinds of pesky questions. Like, what do you mean there are no projects? Or, what are we going to do with all of our project-free time? And, I’m sorry, but did you say no projects?

At first, we turned our focus on getting a small garden together in our petite yard. But we finished that in about a day and a half. Then we focused on the baby’s room, and then that was done within a couple of weeks. We decided that we needed something bigger, but not so big or expensive as a house with the baby coming so soon. Enter the beater pop-up camper!

Our Baby

We haunted Facebook Marketplace for months looking for a pop-up in decent condition for under $1K. We didn’t care about much, except that we didn’t want it to smell terrible and we wanted the structure to be in decent condition. Finally, we found one with some significant tears in the canvas, but otherwise, in great condition.

We are now the proud owners of a 1991 Starcraft Starburst pop-up camper. We managed to stay under our budget, with the full cost of the camper coming in at $850. The interior was in great condition, especially considering the age with no work required immediately. It’s not cute, but it’s clean and functional. The bigger issue with this pop-up is that the canvas needs work…bad. Which means, that is the first order of business!

Before Pictures

As of right now, we haven’t done much aside from clean the exterior and wash the upholstery on the couches/beds. We’ve also replaced the wheel on the front of the trailer as the one it came with didn’t fit properly. We learned that the hard way when Nick had to dead-lift half the camper off the ground after it gave out on us :-D.  We’re also installing some leveling jacks onto the trailer later this week, before we take it on our maiden voyage.

No After Pictures Yet

We’ll be sure to post as we remodel and travel, so you can join us on our journey. We hope that you enjoy seeing the progress and maybe even use some of our experience to make your camper remodel easier. The first order of business will be to patch the canvas because we do not want any uninvited guests hanging around inside with us :-).





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