Donuts Coffee Beach

Does it get any better than a great cup of coffee and sticky-sweet donuts shared with a beautiful view? If you said, “Nope”, then we definitely agree! A morning shared with great company, delicious food and the sound of waves crashing onshore is an amazing way to kick off the weekend.

This has become a bit of a tradition in the Torres household. One Saturday a month, we pack up our beach chairs and a couple of to-go coffees and head over to our favorite local bakery. Then we pick out our favorite donut spread and make our way over to Jax Beach Pier.

It’s a great place to spend your morning, watching surfers catch waves and fishing enthusiasts snag their daily catch. This time of day is also the quietest and most peaceful, as few have ventured out for their beach outtings yet. So you can just grab a donut, sip your coffee and relax to the peaceful soundtrack of the ocean.

Cinotti’s Bakery

Cinotti’s is our favorite bakery in Jax beach, specifically for their donuts. They are fresh baked and delicious every morning. They have plenty of selection and, during this time of year, seasonal flavors! I am crazy excited to try the pumpkin donut the next time we go. Nick says I’m going “basic”, but I don’t really know what that means so I choose to ignore it :-). I’m going to eat my pumpkin donut and love every minute of it, thank you very much!

Any Recommendations?

We are always looking for ways to broaden our horizons and try new things. If you have an awesome coffee and donuts location that we need to try, please comment and let us know what you think. We hope you enjoyed this post and we will definitely have more to come on our awesome hometown!

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